What we do

We believe that energy should be provided while safeguarding the sustainability of our environment. Our invention known as Hybrid Micro-gasification Technology® (HMGT) is a sustainable, practical solution both for productive and domestic users.

In this technology, non-carbonized biomass waste from agro-processes is used as feedstock. This includes avocado waste, coffee husks, coconut shells, maize comb and macadamia shells. The smoke is converted into a flammable gas known as synthetic or producer gas that burns with a hot, clean flame which is preferred by productive users, especially urban food outlets.

Our goal is to eliminate the need for charcoal burning which has been a leading cause of environmental degradation in Kenya and beyond.

Households in rural and peri-urban areas have been adversely affected by reduced supplies of firewood. Our solution is helping them adapt to the new norm as we work together to replenish our environment