Our Solutions

Wisdom biomass stoves are designed to increase profitability for small food businesses.

Hybrid Micro-gasification Technology® allows restaurants and urban food outlets owners to reduce up to 65% of their energy costs.

“Wisdom Jiko saves me money and reduces my cooking time. It turned around my business!”

– Nabwire, Kiambu county

Wisdom compost pasteurizer is a real game changer. It is replacing the use of firewood which is expensive and unsustainable.

Mushroom farmers are now able to save their energy costs by up to 65% compared to firewood.

Difficulty in drying pyrethrum is one of the key barriers to increased production. Pyrethrum is grown in highlands across Rift valley, Western and Central Kenya where the weather is cold and wet.

By combining solar and biomass energy, Wisdom Bio-solar dryer enables farmers to dry pyrethrum, mushroom and vegetables regardless of the weather. Instead of taking 4 to 5 days to dry pyrethrum, now it only takes 24 hours!